(in order of appearance)

Mr Fluffycuddles

Sex: Male
Age: 34 in raccoon years
Affiliation: Bad Guys

Nick's pet raccoon, who is weary of his owner but stays for the shiny stuff to be found under his bed (and to steal his yummy food). Likes to sleep a lot and easily becomes bored with trivial matters. Occasionally enjoys exploring in his free time... of which he has plenty.

First introduced: Page 1 (2010-01-05)

Nicholas Winters

Sex: Male
Age: It's rude to ask a lady her age!
Affiliation: Bad Guys

A very effeminate man - sorry, woman - with a passion for the finer things in life such as fashion, tea, gossip magazines, interior decorating and generally being fabulous. Takes a huge amount of pride in his appearance, and suffers from mood swings.

First introduced: Page 2 (2010-01-08)

Samurai Princess Raeka

Sex: Female
Age: 12
Affiliation: Good Guys

The heroine of our story, a member of the royal family of the Samprini kingdom, is not your average princess. Having taken an unexpected liking for the ancient art of kendo as a hobby at an early age, much like her father and his father's father, and his father's father's... you get the idea; this spunky young lady is well practised with blades. Personality-wise, Raeka can be stubborn, but is quick to defend those in need. Having barely ventured beyond the castle walls, she has much to learn about the outside world and the dangers that lurk therein.

First introduced: Page 3 (2010-01-12)

Jacquline Stevenson

Sex: Female
Age: 9
Affiliation: Good Guys

A socially reclusive girl who despite her age is very intelligent and mature, though her small size gives her some trouble taking care of herself. She is always keen to learn new skills and is particularly interested in the internal workings of things such as mechanical objects and sleight of hand. Jacquline finds pleasure in fishing and also seems rather attached to her cute braided hairstyle.

First introduced: Page 12 (2010-02-12)

Flavour Squad
(Blueberry Burst, Peach Twing, Peppermint Twist and ?)

Sex: Female
Age: Mid-twenties
Affiliation: Unknown

An all-female sentai superhero team with the ambition of promoting fun and healthy eating across the globe. They work closely together and get along very well, referring to each other as "sisters" despite not really being related at all. Sometimes the methods they employ are seen as sinister by some, but they are good people at heart.

First introduced:
Blueberry Burst: Page 21 (2010-03-16)
Peach Twing: Page 120 (2011-03-29)
Peppermint Twist: Page 231 (2012-09-26)

Peter Fawdry

Sex: Male
Age: 38
Affiliation: Bad Guys

Decades of reluctantly working alongside the cantankerous king of Rodalia has rendered this unfortunate man bitter and heartless, and driven him to drink each night to ease his sorrow... and each morning with the blackest of the black coffee to disguise the poignant stench of alcohol on his breath. The years of torment he has endured from his ornery boss that claw at his very soul are what drives him in his personal goal to overthrow the king and claim the country as his own. However, this is all for personal gain - Fawdry's loathe for mankind has long since overpowered his good nature, and as a result he now cares little for the interests of the general public. As the owner of a secret underground pub, Fawdry and his cronies spend their free time "socialising" there and devising money-making schemes to afford him the position they believe he deserves.

First introduced: Page 31 (2010-04-22)


Sex: Female
Age: ???
Affiliation: Unknown

A mysterious apparition that appeared before Raeka. Very little about her is known, including her intentions... or if she's even real.

First introduced: Page 56 (2010-07-27)


Sex: Male
Age: 33
Affiliation: Bad Guys

A man whose body more than dwarves the size of his brain, Itchyknee prefers to take his time with things rather than charge ahead. Despite his lacking in the thoughts department, he has risen the ranks to be one of Fawdry's top henchmen and provides the brawn for many a heist. He is dedicated to the art of sumo and runs a dojo out of one of the Rodalian towers.

First introduced: Page 65 (2010-08-27)


Sex: Male
Age: 1
Affiliation: Unknown, assumed to be good

A young wolf that was captured and raised by Lyonel, who trained him to catch and retrieve smaller animals for food. Fiercely loyal to his alpha master, Hunter is only at ease around people that he sees Lyonel trusts. However - and unusually, given his instincts - he is very friendly with anyone that has been accepted by his master.

First introduced: Page 68 (2010-09-10)


Sex: Male
Age: 14
Affiliation: Unknown, assumed to be good

A clumsy young nomad hunter with a wolf as his travelling companion. He gives off a generally brash and abrasive air with his confident attitude (despite his inept nature), but is friendly and means well.

First introduced: Page 69 (2010-04-22)

The King and Queen of Samprini

Sex: Male and Female, respectively
Age: 34 (king) and 31 (queen)
Affiliation: Good Guys

The peaceful and much-loved current monarchy of the Samprini region, who have been the family in power for longer than history recalls. In truth, not many people know their actual names, as they find it disrespectful for anyone to use anything but the royal honourifics when referring to them. While the king is short-tempered and sometimes aggressive to those who perhaps deserve his wrath, the queen always manages to sooth him with her relaxed, methodical nature. The king has trained alongside the army of samurais that help to defend the nation and often travels to other countries to build relations with the other world leaders and their people. On the other hand, the queen is very much a homemaker and is rarely seen to make public appearances. They both care deeply about their only child, the princess, and are distraught when she unexpectedly goes missing.

First introduced: Page 80 (2010-10-22)

Master of Parade Balloon Animals

Sex: Female
Age: 18
Affiliation: Bad Guys

A young woman with an unhealthy interest in massive inflatable creatures. She has obsessively studied them from an early age and has become a leading authority on the subject, and has even developed the ability to train them and bring out each balloon's individual strength and personality. Unfortunately, most potential employers do not see this as a valuable skill and so she has little choice but to work alongside Fawdry to support her financial needs.

First introduced: Page 112 (2011-03-01)


Sex: Male
Age: Appears to be around 17
Affiliation: unknown

This is no ordinary guy! Austin is a living, breathing science experiment. Being conceived in a test tube with a abnormally large amount of oxygen flowing into it has damaged his brain and warped his mind, affording him a high amount of control over his body's unusual emissions of oxygen. Having escaped from the laboratory in which he was created after an uncontrollable fit of rage, in a normal outdoor atmosphere Austin is subject to an increased rate of development and truly remains a frustrated child despite his grown-up looks.

First introduced: Page 134 (2011-05-17)

King Tobias of Rodalia

Sex: Male
Age: 37
Affiliation: Bad Guys

The much-maligned ruler of the largest continent in the world is a despicable giant (literally!) with a penchant for acting pretentious. King Tobias cares only about himself, paying little mind to the well-being of his staff and subjects. He does nothing to further the prosperity of his region and as such has crafted poor relations with neighbouring countries. Always speaks using the royal "We" when in the presence of an audience, to make himself sound more important than anyone else in the room.

First introduced: Page 191 (2011-12-09)

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