The Comic

Princess Raeka's world is turned upside-down when a strange man steals her crown to fulfill his own selfish desires. Always one that prefers taking matters into her own hands, she vows to track down the thief and restore order to her kingdom. However, as word spreads about the princess' missing treasure and the handsome price tag attached to it, chaos erupts throughout the land and all manner of crazy individuals seek not only her riches, but also the princess herself...

Samurai Princess is influenced by (and somewhat a parody of) Sailor Moon, the Ganbare Goemon series, and various pieces of music from video games and anime.

If this is your first time reading, start here. The latest comic page can be found here.

The Staff

Richard "Mr Fwibbles" Davies - Creator, Web Developer, Writer
Favourite Character: Mr Fluffycuddles

Mr Fwibbles

So, where did I come up with the concept for Samurai Princess? Believe it or not, it happened when I was looking at a list of video games, written in Japanese, and for some reason - be it sitting too far away from the screen, a bad font, being tired, or just a good old-fashioned brain fart - I initially misread "Samurai Spirits" as, you guessed it, "Samurai Princess". The oxymoron of a beautiful, elegant princess being a brave, rough and tumble warrior amused me, so much so that I wanted to show the idea to others to share the joke. That's how it all began.

Initially, Samurai Princess was designed as a video game. Kailin drew up a sketch of a tomboyish princess to use as the main character in our game, and together we tweaked it and eventually came up with the Princess Raeka you see today. I put together the basic story for the game (which was expanded and used for this comic), but our creativity grinded to a halt when we realised that we were going to need a talented, dedicated musician to help us express it. Print is just about the only medium that would allow us to tell our story and share our vision without the aid of music - and so Samurai Princess in the webcomic form was born.

Kailin "SleepyKiks" Scott - Co-creator, Artist
Favourite Character: tie between Raeka and Jacquline


Where to start... Originally this was to be a video game but due to limitations we were unable to continue. So this web comic is basically making sure this wonderfully designed character doesn't go to waste.

The comic is done in 3 steps:

  • Story board
  • base lines
  • ink and colour

I use Flash 8 and Flash CS3, Nicky is awesome to draw because I get to put her in such crazy over done poses and sweet outfits. In retrospect I wish I didn't add so much detail on some character designs, the comic would be easier to draw. Then again... it wouldn't look as nice, would it?

I want to thank everyone who's been cheering us on since I made mention of the comic, Lord Galcian II for hosting us, Richard of course for starting this in the first place, Liz of Seruki Network for including us, B'man, and nmn2k8 for input on coding, and last but not least everyone who is reading the comic!

Former Staff

Alexander "Chron" Ciccarelli - Web Developer
Favourite Character: Mr. Fluffycuddles


If something about the site isn't working quite right, I'm the person to point your finger at. Preferably, toss an e-mail or message on the forums at me detailing the problem. I will endeavor to solve it using arcane computer magicks. Kailin and Richard were nice enough to give me the chance to work on this site and give me a bit more experience programming; even if this isn't exactly the sort of thing I wanted to do, every little bit helps.

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